Telling The Stories

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An inspiring and compelling saga of human struggle, courage and inspiration unfolded barely seventy-five years ago, during the 1940s, across the United States. Ordinary but quite extraordinary people stepped up to the huge challenge of a world engulfed in war, helped to win an unequaled victory, and in the process, created some of our society's most important social advances, including workplace integration, equal work opportunities for women, early childhood education and more. These stories inspire us today.

Our work to collect stories and artifacts doesn't stop at the museum. The goal is to share these stories in a variety of ways, and to display their relevance to our lives and choices today. The home front story (made up of millions of small stories) is a reminder that we can do anything if we put our will and our resources together.

Thanks to our new Visitor Center, thousands of visitors can now explore these stories first-hand through films, daily ranger tours, lecture events and the variety of home front sites we've been able to open to the public. The Visitor Center museum showcases thousands of artifacts in our collection. Explore the links on this site to recorded oral histories collected by the ROHO Oral history project at UC Berkeley in partnership with the park. With your help, we will create new tools to tell these stories across the country.

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